What do I need to know?

Both new and experienced writers sometimes experience writers’ block with a head or heart full of ideas but have a tough time getting those first words on paper.  What often unlocks the log-jam is understanding or remembering that writing is a process.  What you write first is not necessarily what is read first.

So, get started with a splash down.  This means begin writing whatever comes to mind.  Once you have words on the page you can begin the revision process of expanding, exploring, and explaining the ideas, developing the story, reorganizing the thoughts into sections, paragraphs, sentences that best clarify your ideas and engage your readers enough for them to keep reading.

It’s not necessary for the next steps to flow in any particular order, but all will need to be taken before your manuscript is ready for publication.


KNOWING YOUR PURPOSE FOR WRITING will help you chose ideas to include in your manuscript.  Consider those mentioned here.


During revision stage, it’s critical to pay attention to TRAITS of EFFECTIVE WRITING, writing that achieves your purpose.

Six Traits Chart Plus One



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