Mentoring and Coaching Writers: In Their Own Words

What’s it like to coach someone you’ve never met and who lives in another state?  A challenge, yes, but one I welcomed.  Over the past couple of years, since Linda Otterbridge invited me to participate in the first Women Who Write Showcase in Grands Michigan, I’ve had the privilege of mentoring and coaching other HASU members and their friends. (HASU – Hook A Sister Up)

Here are four writers whom I met through Danielle Gordon,   a writer and member of Hook a Sister Up (HASU).


“My mentoring relationship with Ms. Anna has been invaluable and instrumental in my journey in getting my book completed.

I started writing this book 2.5 years ago out of a traumatic event in my life that drove me to rethink my life…. Once I got connected with Ms. Anna she offered to provide her consulting services as well as editing my book….She provided straight forward recommendations and allowed me take time off when I became overwhelmed with the brevity of finishing this book.  She seemed to know exactly when it was time to e-mail me back and she let me know that my book was important and that I could finish this book and it would make a difference.”
Sharon L. Greer, MSN, RN

Sharon released her book DOING THE WORK: Women Overcoming Real Khaos in August, 2017.


Writing a picture book is more than creating a story.  One must know the audience and purpose to be able to choose the appropriate story line, vocabulary and illustrations.

Coaching Kayon Tompkins along the road to publishing a story she wanted to tell proved to be an invigorating experience.  She says, “It has been and continues to be a mentoring relationship that inspires my senses to fully develop my characters in the story.”

We were somewhat surprised to see differently artists portrayed the same lines from the book, but thrilled when the image you see here on the right. Kayon Tompkins, Author to be and Owner now of NOURISH YOUR CURLS

” Working with Anna has been an awesome experience. Although I am a writer and provide services for others, I can be my own worst critic when it comes to my own projects; due to this I had turned the focus off of my own projects and pushed them to the side to instead put my focus on helping others bring their work to fruition…that was until I met Anna!
From our very first consultation, I knew I wanted to continue on working with her each month as she provided insight and tips that made me excited, again, about the work I had done and how I could improve it. It was nice getting a fresh pair of eyes and another perspective. I now see a light at the end of the tunnel, and I’m ready to conquer more book ideas I have down on paper and swimming around in my head. Thank you so much Anna

Shanika P. Carter, M.S.Freelancer/Consultant







“Anna Roseboro is an author’s dream!  She has a penchant for attention to detail and a passion for helping aspiring authors navigate the writing process from ideation to self-publishing.”

Shannon M. Cohen, MPA, CPS | Founder – Principal Shannon Cohen, Inc. [dba Community Ventures]


Do you have a book you’d like to write and believe I can assist? Contact me at this link GETTING STARTED? GETTING GOING! It It would be my pleasure to meet with you and set up a coaching schedule that will help you meet your goals to become a published author, too.  Or join me for a beginning writers workshop at the upcoming HASU Women Who Write Showcase, in October at the KROC Center in Grand Rapids, Mi.                          

Anna J. Small, National Board Certified Teacher, Mentor and Writing Coach





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